Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 11:13AM
[Raul Keally]

This is the first movie I’ve seen in a very long time that has gotten me excited enough to want to go back and watch it a second time.  Although the first weekend ticket sales may have been lower than expected – I’ll go out on a limb and say that this movie will shatter prior sales records and take its place in history as the highest revenue-generating film of all time.   Watching Avatar in 3D is more than watching a quality movie by a director who knows what he’s doing, it’s like jumping on a new ride at an amusement park that delivers at every turn.  I found myself saying ‘wow’ out loud in the movie theater while encountering animals, insects and landscapes that were completely believable in a CG world.  The 3D effects in this film, the story, acting and newly created world of Pandora provides for a great experience that anyone should appreciate.  I imagine that many guys will do just what I did and go home to grab their wife (or girlfriend) and head out to watch this movie a second time.  It seems like there has been a tidal wave of positive feedback on Twitter which is always a good sign for a movie – often signaling financial success.   Rachel and I will be checking the IMAX 3D version this Saturday!  Update: As of January 7th, Avatar moved up to the #2 spot for highest grossing movie of all time worldwide.

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