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Glacier National Park, MT

Wow - there is so much to say about this National Park which still has me in awe after spending just two days there.  The more you drive and explore - the more jaw dropping moments you have from the dramatic mountain ranges to the lake and river views.  The hiking (over 700 miles worth) is pretty incredible.  I could have chosen 100 different photos to post at the top of this piece but the sunset pics I took last night of Lake McDonald and the surrounding mountain range were just too good not to post.  I ended up sitting by the lake watching the sunset and grabbing pics as the sky changed colors.  Aside from the occasional car driving by on the road, you could almost hear a pin drop.  Actually, you could hear the fish feeding on the insects landing on the surface of the water, but that's about it. 

I camped at Avalanche campground the first night and Sprague Creek the second.  Both great campsites but Sprague offered lake front access (Lake McDonald) with spectacular views.  I squeezed in so much activity on Thursday, 8/27 - it was so much fun.  I woke up before dawn and took about 300 pictures around the park driving along "Going To The Sun" road towards the eastern side of the park.  I set up camp at Sprague Creek, went for a bike ride and hiked along the Sperry Trailhead - in search of bears!  There are so many warning signs about the bears (Grizzly and Brown) in Glacier that I felt really good about seeing one.  I'll leave my bear story for the next blog post.

I did grab some great pics of the park and a white tailed deer that was feeding.  Most of these pics are geotagged however for the life of me I can't figure out how to get Flickr to translate the geotag info with a map!


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