Visiting with Friends in Los Angeles - Final Stop
Monday, September 21, 2009 at 7:29PM
[Raul Keally]

The last major stop of my road trip was Los Angeles to meet with friends.  A big shout to my friend Dave Chung who let me crash at his place for a couple nights.  It was great to spend some time and catch up with Dave and see his dog Jordan.  I ended up riding my bike along the bike trail from Hermosa Beach to El Segundo - just a couple miles along the coast.

I was also able to grab meals with childhood friends that I've connected with through Facebook and with a former co-worker Myra - who just got engaged - congrats!  Again, great catching up and hearing about what's going on with their lives down in SoCal.

Last but not least, the last official stop on my month-long road trip was at my bud Brian Aucoin's house.  Brian's got a peach of a beach house less than a block from Manhattan Beach.  A brief - but worthy visit, I got to know Brian's dog Chino (pictured above) quite well - taking him on walks to the beach and making an attempt at a little obedience training.  I missed out on the Improv Zombies Ate My Brain show that Brian was in on Saturday, 9/19 and instead drove the last leg of my trip home to surprise my wife Rachel a day early.  I'll be back to see Brian's show and also try and catch up with friends that I missed down in L.A.

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