Photowalk with CaliberSF
Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 12:05PM
[Raul Keally]

I went on my very first photowalk this past Saturday with Caliber SF and I met some great local photogs. Frank Chu was even representing and actually made it easier to keep the group of about 30-40 photographers together because of his patented sign (with Laughing Squid logo on the backside).

What's great is looking at the photowalk Flickr feed and seeing all the different styles and viewpoints taken by everyone.  Since I'm just starting to learn the capabilities of my digital SLR, I was hoping to glean some tips and tricks by some in the group but unfortunately didn't have the opportunity.  What I did do was force myself to shoot fully manual to start adapting to shutter and f stop settings.

The above shot was taken on Montgomery street as we walked through the financial district.  It's hard not to shoot the Transamerica building since it seems to be a camera magnet - so I tried to do something a little different.

This Saturday will be my next scheduled outing with a group of photographers as three Photo 51 classes from City College of San Francisco descend on Treasure Island for our very fist field trip.  Steven Raskin, the photography department chair as well as several instructors and student aids will be on-hand to answer what will surely be a ton of questions.  Really looking forward to it.

By the way, yesterday I was given a tour of the photography department facilities at City College and was pretty impressed.  The computer labs are furnished with Macs running Adobe CS4 and Lightroom. There is a large developing room with about 20 enlargers and the department allows students to reserve and take out various photo equipment.  So far, I'm really enjoying the program at City College. 

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