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Welcome to Aztec, New Mexico!

It may have been cheating a bit but in an effort to add one more state to my tour - I snuck over the border from Colorado into New Mexico to check it out and attempted to visit the Aztec Ruins National Monument.  Let's just say that I plan on re-visiting New Mexico (Albuquerque or Santa Fe) and will then call it my 'first time'.  Aztec, New Mexico just didn't roll out the welcome mat for me.  After I was unable to find a breakfast place - I settled for purchasing ice and using the Wells Fargo ATM at the Safeway in town.  

The Aztec Ruins were closed when I arrived (7:45 AM) - so I just set the navigation to head towards Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado and scooted out of town.

I came across the above sign posted at the entrance to someone's driveway in rural Aztec New Mexico - enroute back to Colorado.  One side had the above message posted about President Obama and the other side had a message about good ole' ex-governor Sarah Palin.  See what they wrote in this fine collection of New Mexico photos!

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OMG. We are not in San Francisco any more - are we?

September 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRachel

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